Thermoplastic composites boast outstanding characteristics such as reparability and recyclability, making them increasingly valuable in the aviation industry. Comprising a polymer matrix with embedded inclusions normally of carbon fiber, their properties can be designed as they are dependent on the material typology and configurations used as well as the manufacturing process. 

The EU-funded DELTA project will carry out extensive stress analysis tests on composite fuselage parts produced by out-of-autoclave technology. This curing process is gaining widespread acceptance in the aerospace industry because it produces high-quality parts at a much lower cost, time and resources consumption compared to the traditional autoclave technology.

Development and execution of innovative experimental testing procedures, will enable obtaining test results at structural detail and sub-component levels, which will help validate out-of-autoclave technology for the future production of fuselage parts using optimal material.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 Programme for Research & Innovation JU CLEAN SKY 2.